HarryKeller3Dr. Harry Keller is the Co-Founder and CTO of Wicked Widgets. He formed Wicked Widgets shortly after meeting his partner in business the elusive CEO of Wicked Widgets. The pair started the enterprise out of their homes with some loose change and some loose code. “We feel like we’ve been around since the dawn of time.” Dr. Keller laughs. “But the internet is still younger than both of us so I guess not!” A graduate of Harvard, Oxford and Indian Institute of Science, Dr. Keller holds advanced degrees in Computer Science, Physics, Mythology and Neuro-Science.

Melissa3Melissa Frost is the Senior Project Manager for Special Projects coordinating the needs of hundreds of clients. Her ability to multitask is legendary and her exceptional leadership skills have won her numerous awards and accolades – or so we were told.

“Details are murky as to what “awards” she actually won but her track record at Wicked Widgets has been outstanding. Some consider her the real force behind Wicked Widgets. I know a lot of people are afraid of her. I’m not. Well – a little – I am a little afraid. Is she going to read this?” – Karen Rickels



Yvette Collins is the Vice President of Human Resources and is responsible for managing the needs of all of Wicked Widgets’ employees.

“Yvette is a wonderful part of our team. She’s very likeable. And she’s not lost as many employees as people have been lead to believe.”  – Melissa Frost



Karen Rickels is a Senior Sales Associate and was named as a salesperson on the rise in the tech industry’s leading trade paper The Technology Times. She is willing to go farther than most in her position and her tenacity and creativity has been responsible for over ten million in sales for Wicked Widgets alone.

“Karen is the corner stone of our growth. Her sales record is insane. She can charm anyone. She is willing to do anything…anything…I mean anything. Wow – she will do anything.” – Fritz Warren

Fritz2Fritz Warren came to Wicked Widgets after working for companies like Microsoft, Apple and Hewlett Packard. His unique approach to code writing allowed him to sky rocket to a Senior position quicker than any previous Wicked Widgets employee.

“Fritz’s approach is unique – and the work gets done….eventually. He does make a hell of a Margarita.” – Melissa Frost


Scott Miller has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre with a minor in Marketing. A self taught HTML programmer his individualized approach and creativity has allowed him to become a large part of the Wicked Widgets family. Though only a consultant his work has allowed Wicked Widgets to enter new markets and better fonts.

 “Scott is a great employee…I mean consultant….he does great work – no matter what it is. Do you know? Do you know what he does? I hired him and I have no idea. Are you writing this down? Is this for the site? Oh no. Oh no….Jennifer’s going to freak out and  yell at me again…oh no….oh no…..” – Yvette Collins

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